Why We Dive?

Although to the casual observer, skydiving may seem like something exclusively reserved for the wealthy and eccentric, its slowly gaining traction as a mainstream sports activity. For those that haven’t experienced free fall or the glorious parachuting session that follows it, jumping out of a plane thousands of feet up in the air might seem like an act of madness. To put it in real terms for those still unsure, we’ve collected some testimonies from the skydiving community to explain why we dive.

jasonJason Randallhorn, 36

“I skydive for the pure thrill of the free fall. There’s a reason why some skydivers are branded with the term: adrenaline junkies. Although a little derogatory, its largely true that the adrenaline rush you receive when falling through the air at up to 120 mph is addictive. Depending what height you jump from, this experience can last up to a minute and is something you will definitely will want to do again.”

Emma Tallash, 26


“The first time I jumped out of a plane it was for charity. I was looking for a way to raise money for cancer research. Initially I was thinking of running a marathon, but then my friends dared to me to do a skydive. Soon they’d started a donation page and all my mates on Facebook were eagerly donating, just to see my face when I had to do it! I had such a great time it became a hobby and we all raised loads of money!”

barbBarbara Blew, 65

“For the majority of my adult life, I’ve been afraid of flying. This stemmed from a particularly stressful flight that I took as a child. Although I’ve had therapy to help me deal with this phobia, when I hit sixty I decided that enough was enough – so I took the battle to the skies. By taking a dive for the first time, I shattered my fear, opening up a whole world of aviation and travel options. Now I try and jump at least twice a year.”

glen                        Glen Forthdrive, 84

“I thought that I would never step foot onto an aircraft again. For a long time my health prohibited me from flying, so I thought I was grounded indefinitely. Luckily my family put me in touch with a local skydiving centre, and they were more than happy to consult with my doctor about the risks. It turns out there were very few, so I was able to realise my dream of getting back into an aeroplane. When it came to jumping I already felt like a new man!”

These are just a few testimonials from the thousands of people who take their first skydive every year. Whether you’re considering jumping for charity or just to tick of another item on your bucket list – we’ve got plenty of resources and articles on here to help you dive into this rich and satisfying sport.