The Skydiving Videos That Got Me Hooked

It’s amazing what a bit of video content can do to entice someone into doing something crazy.

Skydiving has boomed in popularity in the last few years thanks to a number of viral videos which has made this extreme sport even more accessible to people all around the globe. What was once seen as being the hobby for super-spies and movie stars has now become something that almost anyone can try their hand at. The spot has grown to be so common place that photos and videos of skydiving have now become commonplace on social media feeds and dating profiles alike.

Here’s a selection of our writers’ favourite videos, don’t forget to get in touch with your own videos and let us know if you’ve been inspire to do skydive as a result:

This compilation has it all: tropical seas, impressive group dives and awesome blue skies. Although we might not all have the opportunity to skydive in such lovely locales it’s true that once you’re up in the sky it really doesn’t matter how warm you are. This video always makes me long for a dive…and a sunny holiday!” – Jason

I’m really not a big fan of James Corden, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a video of Tom Cruise coercing him into jumping out of a plane! Although the whole thing smacks of promotional vacuity, it’s still fun to see Corden lose his cool and look genuinely scared, whilst Tom Cruise is giddy with excitement. Say what you like about him, Cruise is a true action hero.” – Emma

This compilation really exhibits the craziness that some skydivers get up to. Whilst many of us are happy just to go for a normal dive, these guys push it to the next level with some insane stunts and truly mind-boggling ideas. Whilst I’m not about to try out any of these ideas just yet, there’s certainly some food for thought right here!” – Barb

This is one of the all time greats and one that is (sadly) going to be out of our reach for a long long time. The joy of a skydive can often be hard to capture, but the joy of skydiving from space is something that will have to remain a dream for many of us. Thankfully, this video will exist as an eternal reminder of the day that one of us did something truly unbelievable.” – Glen

There are some videos that make you just smile and clap your hands, and this is certainly one of them! Although there’s certainly something a little gimmicky about what this guy here does, it doesn’t stop it from being an impressive stunt. There aren’t many UK skydivers who would consider doing something so risky, in fact I’m sure many divers see it as a completely stupid thing to do, but there’s something alluring about being completely free of any safety line…” – Jason